I'm Ok With Anything

Surrounded by idiots who can't decide where to eat? Here's Comedian Ronny Chieng's concise guide to eating, drinking and playing in Melbourne City


6 Bourke Street, Melbourne

$15 - $20

Iconic Italian restaurant. Great home cooked taste and ambience. Serves pasta, cakes and coffee. Open till 11.30pm.

Minh Xuong

209/211 Russell Street, Melbourne

$15 - $20

Good late night Chinese option. I recommend the chicken rice.

Noodle Kingdom

264 Swanston Street, Melbourne

$15 - $20

Good restaurant in its own right but even better as a late night option. Hand made noodles and fried dumplings are the go here. Open till 5am.

Father's Office

249 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

$10 - $20 (depending on when you go)

A good American food restaurant in its own right but for some reason they offer 50% off their Kitchen Food menu during the peak periods of Friday & Saturday 11pm onwards, meaning you can get their Buffalo Wings, Burgers, Sliders, Steaks for about $10.

Melbourne Supper Club

1st/161 Spring Street, Melbourne

$20 - $40

Leather couches, cigars, and good tapas. Even has a rooftop bar on the top. This is actually 3 venues in 1, The European Restaurant on the ground floor, The Supper Club in the middle, and the Siglo Bar on top. But who cares how it's organized. Good place to go but a little fancy. Open till 4am at least.

Niew Amsterdam

106-112 Hardware Street, Melbourne

$20 - $40

Fancy but not too fancy American restaurant. Classy but unpretentious, delicious and filling. The smaller menu is a good thing because everything on it is great. Great for lunch or dinner. Restaurant open till 11pm. Bar with limited bar food open till really late - till 1am and 5am on weekends.

Supper Inn

15 Celestial Avenue, Melbourne

$20 - $30

Quintessential Chinese restaurant that serves dishes, not stand alone meals. So probably best to go in a group of 3 or more. Open till 2.30am.


11 Collins Street, Melbourne

$20 - $30

Fancy but not too fancy Mexican. No bookings allowed and also hard to get a table. Open till 

Chin Chin

125 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

$30 - $40

Fancy but not too fancy fusion thai food done right. Can be hard to get a table. Open late.

Dumplings Plus

269 Swanston Street, Melbourne

$20 - $30

If you're craving late night Yum Cha this is the place.


Shop G 535 Little Lonsdale Street (On Healey's Lane), Melbourne or 100 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne or Basement, 26 King Street, Melbourne or other locations

$30 - $40

Korean Fried Chicken won't make you feel gross like KFC. Instead it has a nice home made taste to it and comes covered in great sauces. Complimented perfectly with the light in-house Korean Beer. Only go here if you're hungry, or in a group, and prepared to get a little messy eating with your hands. All stores open till 11pm, but the 535 Little Lonsdale Street location is open even later - till at least 1am all days and 2.30am on Friday and Saturday.


407-409 Swanston Street, Melbourne

$30 - $40

SUPER HIDDEN UNDERGROUND Korean style bar/restaurant that is like a portal to South Korea. Has private booths and tables. I recommend the Bulgogi Beef and the Kubano Sausage. It's a place of good vibes and tranquility late at night. People there drink and have fun in good spirits. If you go here and get drunk and ruin the place by being a dick the Korean Mafia will get you and then I will find you and destroy you. Be a good person here.